Nikita Ducarroz


Swiss Flag

Athlete Bio

Swiss/American Nikita Ducarroz is making a big impact in the world of BMX. Currently ranked 2nd in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park Women Elite rankings, Nikita has had a stellar career so far highlighted by a Bronze Medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games representing Switzerland. Always looking for new ways to expand her horizons, Nikita also founded Mind Tricks – an online community discussion that creates awareness around mental health in the action sports. Follow Nikita on Instagram to stay updated on her progress as she attacks 2023 head on and gets ready for her shot at Paris 2024!


2nd Place
UCI World Championships
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Bronze Medal
2020 Olympic Games
Tokyo, Japan

1st Place
UEC European Championships
Moscow, Russia


1st Place
Simple Session
Tallinn, Estonia


1st Place
UCI Costa Rica Woman's Park
Jaco, Costa Rica

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