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Mykel Larrin is known for his aggressive BMX riding with a fluid blend of technical style and originality. He always carries himself with a humble, enthusiastic approach whether he's riding local spots or the world's biggest contests. Aside from making podiums at X Games, Mykel has also dedicated the better part of a decade to giving back to the U.S. military by traveling overseas for stunt shows and other events.

When he's not riding, he pursues other creative outlets such as motivational speaking and producing music. If you ever get the opportunity to cross paths with Mykel, chances are his infectious his energy will make you see your own riding in a whole new light.

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Bronze Medal
X Games Vert
Minneapolis, MN, USA
(Sportscenter Top10)



Bronze Medal
X Games Big Air
Sydney Australia



Bronze Medal
X Games Big Air
Austin, TX, USA

Bronze Medal
World Extreme Games Big Air
Shanghai, China

Bronze Medal
World Extreme Games Vert
Shanghai, China

Since 2010

15 BMX Tours in the Middle East supporting the U.S. military

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