Mongoose Represents at Rick Thorne's JT Jam

By Dwayne Taylor, Mongoose Ambassador

Mongoose took part in Rick Thorne’s JT Jam in Redlands, CA, which brought a wide variety of people from around SoCal to ride, compete, and watch BMX. The event was not only a park competition, it also featured a BIG BMX ride out as well.

JT Jam 2022

The comp was amazing and with Rick on the mic, you know it was wild. Classes were Am, Pro, Best Trick and Big BMX. A big group of amateurs signed up, so Rick split it up into Lil’ Dudes and Big Groms.

2022 JT Jam    

The Lil’ Dudes were shredding!  LRC/Mongoose rider Mylo-Jones found a hip to do his signature turn bar on along with stairs to blast down, and Pat Casey’s son Reid blasted an air out of the quarter that helped him take the win.  The Big Groms followed suit, and all rode amazing!

Mylo Jones 2022 JT Jam

Next, it was time for BIG BMX. These guys were riding 29” bikes in the park like a little 20”. It was rad to see this class in action and the nostalgic moves they were doing. Big (pun intended) props to those riders!  Best of all, the winner Larry Alvarado won a Mongoose Hooligan!

The Pro class was a star-filled event. Mongoose’s very own Pat Casey had some original lines, which included launching a 180 out of the snake run to fakie into the street portion of the park! This landed him a 2nd place.

2022 JT Jam Pat Casey

The contest was capped off with Best Trick and there were some moves going down that looked like a video game… In the end, Pat Casey locked down second place again with a double tailwhip 360 on the quarter landing fakie and reverting out. 

JT Jam 2022

In between classes, there was live music including Rick’s band, Good Guys in Black, which closed off the contest with an amazing show! 

To finish off the day, about 200 riders took part in a Rideout and the group charged the streets of Redlands spreading the good bike vibes till the sun set. If this contest comes up on the calendar again, make sure to put it in yours and go!  It was filled with great times, great music, and great riding. Props to Rick Thorne for putting on a great comp!!