Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike is Gateway to New Riding Adventures

Cargo bikes have been growing in popularity in recent years due to their increased utility. Prior to cargo bikes, it would have been unimaginable for a family of four to pick up their weekly groceries using a bicycle. But with an extended frame and extra space for bags/accessories, the cargo bike makes this type of errand a cinch and opens new possibilities to what people can do on two wheels. 

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What is a Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is simply a bicycle intended to carry extra gear (cargo). The design of a cargo bike spreads out the wheelbase which creates a stable platform for carrying more weight with your bike. Cargo bikes also come with additional braze-ons (parts permanently attached to the bike frame) to bolt down ample bike accessories like fenders, racks, water bottle cages, locks and tool kits.

Cargo bikes come in several different orientations. Some position the payload out in front of the rider while others, like the Mongoose Envoy, create room behind the rider for additional cargo to be carried. With the intended use to carry additional weight, there are several stabilizing features built into the design. This category of bikes typically comes standard with a center mounted double leg kickstand to create a sturdy base when parked. It’s also common to see a steering damper spring which connects the downtube to the front fork of the bike.

How to Use a Cargo Bike?

How you choose to use your cargo bike is only limited by your own imagination. Whether you’re using the bike for a multiple day camping trip, or to delivery lumber down the road, the functionality of the cargo bike will make more adventures possible on two wheels.

Pacific Cycle Employee Ryan Birkicht and son

The feeling of riding a cargo bike does differ from that of a BMX or mountain bike. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first ride with a cargo bike:

  • Balance the load – When loading up a cargo bike, you’ll want to be conscious to evenly distribute the weight between the left and right side of the bike, so the bike remains balanced.
  • More time to start and stop – The increased weight will require more time to get started and to slow down.
  • Gears are your friend – When riding a traditional bike, it’s easy to get out of the saddle and put extra effort into the pedals to power yourself over a hill. However, on a fully loaded cargo bike it’s less easy to make quick movements so you’ll want to use your gear ratios to aid in conquering obstacles.

Can Cargo Bikes Be Fun?

Beyond the practical applications of a long-framed bike, cargo bikes are just plain fun to ride. Legendary mountain bike and trials expert, Chris Akrigg, took the Envoy for a spin and showed that cargo bikes have also been engineered to manual skinnies, clear doubles, and rip through berms. Check out this video of Chris giving Mongoose team manager, Leigh Ramsdell, a lift to the bike park.

Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike

This bike was built for hauling. You can take it all with you on the Mongoose Envoy. The Envoy features an extended frame and plenty of cargo attachment options, so you can carry whatever you need, from groceries and spare clothes to guitar cases and skateboards. The Envoy also includes a Tectonic T1 aluminum cargo frame with internal cable routing for superior strength and minimal cable clutter. The 3x8 drivetrain with trigger shifters provides plenty of gears for hauling heavier cargo. Mechanical disc brakes with 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors deliver superior stopping power. Plus, the Envoy’s 26 x 2.35" tires provide increased control and a more stable ride. Includes two large cargo bags with weather resistant zippers and large Velcro flaps and the rear racks include 5mm threaded mounting points for a wide range of aftermarket accessories. Carry everything you need for your ride to the gym, office, farmers market, and more with the Mongoose Envoy.

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