Mason Hayes Scores Feature in PULL Magazine

Mongoose BMX racer Mason Hayes was the featured rider in the Clipped-In series for the latest issue of USA BMX's PULL Magazine!  The story includes action shots from the track, a Q&A with Mason, and even pays homage to a classic Mongoose advert from the 70s.  Before you read the full story, check out the quick interview we did with Mason about his spread in PULL!

Photo credit:  Gork

How did this article come about?
Mason:  At the Carolina Nationals Gork from USA BMX asked if I would be interested in doing a Clipped In article. I said 'sure would!' I was excited and a little nervous at the same time.

Once you actually saw it in print/online how did you like it?
Mason: I thought it was good.  I read the Other ‘Clipped-In’ articles and think Gork does a great job with them. It is a little strange reading about yourself. I think the pictures are awesome. 

Did you start getting tired holding the bike up for the photo? Ha ha!
Mason: Not really. Between the Goose frame, the Answer Parts and the E6 rims it only weights 16lbs so it was not that bad. 

How has it been going to races these days with everything going on?
Mason: It definitely been a little different with the long break before coming back to the Bounce Back Nationals in Oklahoma. With all the new distancing rules in the chutes but still trying to hang out and talk with my friends it’s a bit strange, but that’s what we have to do to get the races in. 

What’s been your favorite race this year so far?
Mason:  Maryland was fun with all the rain and mud. I didn’t have the best results but sliding around in the mud was pretty fun!

Click to read Mason's full Clipped In story in PULL.