38 years and still rolling


'74 MotoMag One Wheel


The Start

Working from his garage in Simi Valley, California, Skip Hess decided that BMX bikes needed better wheeels - lighter, stronger and way cooler.

In September of 1974, he founded BMX Products, Inc. with a single product offering - the MotoMag One wheel.


'75 A Legend is Born

MotoMag BMX


BMX Products made the first Mongoose bike in 1975. By 1976, the Mongoose was a top-seller. 


'80 Off to the Races


The Early 80's

BMX Products was one of the first bike companies to sponsor BMX racing in the early 1980s, and very soon Mongoose bikes began to dominate the sport. Mongoose quickly gained an international following as well, and in 1983, the French company Motobécane was licensed to produce and distribute Mongoose bikes in Europe.

Racing was a big part of the company's marketing efforts, and the results were impressive. Mongoose won the first-ever ABA National #1 Title in 1980, signaling a move by BMX Products to larger-wheeled, adult models. In the coming years, Mongoose bikes dominated the cruiser racing circuit with six National #1 Cruiser Titles.


Riding Big

Kos Kruiser


Originally built for Mongoose BMX Team Rider Jeff "Kos" Kosmala during his glory days at the top of BMX, the Kos Kruiser was 26" of hell on wheels.


'86 Movie Rad

Travis Chipres


The Film

By 1986, the sport of BMX had reached new heights, allowing Mongoose to sponsor the Tri-Star Pictures film, Rad, directed by Hal Needham, starring Bart Connor, Talia Shire and featuring 3-time BMX World Champion, Mongoose rider, Travis Chipres.

Mongoose received a great deal of exposure within the bike industry from this cult film.


1987-1992 The Rise of Mountain Biking


In 1992, Mongoose pioneered the full-suspension mountain bike frame market with the Amplifier, one of the most successful suspension models ever made.

John Tomac

By 1987, the mountain bike craze had taken hold of America. Mongoose helped shape the sport by unleashing riders like John Tomac. John's signature bike, The Tomac, helped propel him to the top of racing and into legend status—truly one of the most dominating and successful riders of all time.


Late 90's BMX is Back

Simon Trabon

The X-Games

By the late 90’s, with the help of nationally televised events like The X-Games, BMX was again rising in popularity. And right there with it was Mongoose.


'2000's Still Rolling


Pacific Cycle

Fueled by the worlds love of action sports, Mongoose continued to innovate and in 2001 merged with Pacific Cycle; now offering over 40 models of BMX, trail, freestyle, jumping, mountain and road bikes available around the globe.


'2011 Know Your Roots



In 2011 Mongoose introduced a new class of riders to the world of Mongoose with a cross-country road trip to do what else, ride.


2014 - Ride Tour -


Mongoose continues to dominate the action sports scene with sponsorships like Dew Tour and a stable of world-class BMX and mountain athletes riding for us and preaching our "you can do anything on a Mongoose" mantra.