Brayden Barrett-Hay

Brayden Barrett-Hay
Canadian, Brayden Barrett-Hay is making moves in the mountain bike world. He has access to Joyride, an awesome indoor park just outside of Toronto, Canada and brings that influence to the slopestyle course which earned him a win at the 2013 GoPro games in Vail, Colorado. But, Brayden’s riding doesn’t end at contests and film projects. He’s also brought FMB to the Cirque Du Soleil stage. Always looking for new ways to push himself, Brayden is currently building his own slopestyle features on his property to polish his skills. Follow Brayden on Instagram and Facebook for updates as construction progresses on his training compound.

Mongoose Q&A with Brayden Barrett-Hay

When did you first start riding mountain bikes?
BBH: I started riding in 2006!

When was your first competition on a bike?
BBH: I went to Toronto Bike show DJ jam in the spring of 2007. I came dead last in the amateur class. I only knew how to do no footers and 1 footers lol! From there on literally all I did and thought about was riding!

What would you be doing if you weren’t riding a bike for a living?
BBH: When I was a little kid I wanted to become a bull rider. Realistically tho I probably would have gotten a trade.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on a bike?
BBH: In 2012 at crankworx in best trick I 360’d a big step down for the first time then went back up and just sent a 720 down it. Ate it but still think thats the craziest I’ve ever been. You have no fear when your young!!

Where is the best place you traveled in 2018?
BBH: haha weird to say this but I had the most fun in China this year!!

What was the hardest thing to film for your upcoming video, Journey?
BBH: Tailwhip to tuck off the boner log at Big White! That thing is huge I was so stressed just doing a tailwhip on it. Woke up in the morning dreading making myself do that trick lol!!

Would you rather film a video part or win a contest?
BBH: Oh tough one!! Videos are so sick but winning an important contest still takes the cake for me.

Give us a little known fact about Brayden that only your friends and family would know about you.
BBH: Right after I was born my mom and dad couldn’t agree on my name. My mom pictured me being in rodeos and wanted me to be named Dusty. That way the announcers would announce “Dusty Hay coming into the ring.”

How long have you been riding for Mongoose, and describe your experience working with the brand?
BBH: I just finished my 3rd year on mongoose. Mongoose has been so good to me! Stoked on the bikes and everyone I work with. They are one of the few brands that I feel really want to help the riders.

What are your plans and what should everyone be on the lookout for from Brayden in 2019?
BBH: I’m always going to ride contests cause I love it! But hoping to do some more video stuff and learn some new unique combos. Fires me up riding differently from everyone else. I really want to do some messed up stuff off flat drops!